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Remanufactured Transmissions

Transmissions built with legendary expertise.

Rebuilt Transmissions for performance engines

Transmissions remanufactured by Marshall Engines receive expert technical care coupled with advanced procedures and quality controls that far exceed the industry standard; ensuring the highest reliability and affordability of the transmissions we provide. Our ASE-certified builders apply their expertise to the transmissions according to the complex specifications laid out by our eight technical directors. These directors oversee the building process and ensure quality by streamlining our practices and keeping current with new models. The quality and reliability of modern remanufactured transmissions is highly improved with the use of computers and advanced machining techniques. Ongoing education is required for all our master builders to stay current and fully accredited in transmission technology. This dedication to detail and industry advances has kept our defect rate down to an industry-low 2.47% and allows us to offer the best pricing on all remanufactured engines, transmissions and replacement engine components, including crankshafts and cylinder heads.

Transmissions remanufactured using Fully ASE-certified processes.

Our ASE-certified inspector will check all hard parts for original standard quality. For each and every transmission, they replace all of the soft parts (seals, clutches, bands, gaskets, etc.) and replace any hard parts that do not meet original specifications with brand-new, high-quality original parts or machined parts. Each replacement part is washed and assembled in the unit. Once the builder has finished the remanufacturing process, the transmission proceeds to one of 11 dynamometers. Each dynamometer subjects transmissions to simulated road stress to make sure that any latent problems are addressed and corrected. When the transmission passes the dyno tests, it's assigned a serial number and entered into our electronic shipping system. Transmissions then go to the shipping department, where they are packed with an invoice, packing slip, letter explaining core returns, installation instructions, and warranty information. Your remanufactured transmission is then shipped to you, in perfect working order!