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Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions for Cars and Light Trucks

Extreme Value for Most Common Car Engines

Rebuilt engines-Car Engines-Crate Engines Light truck and passenger car engines are the foundation of the replacement engine business. We manufacture the most complete line of crate engines available from any replacement engine provider. That's a big claim we live up to daily, with inventory available for most domestic and import vehicles; including car engines, truck engines, diesel engines and transmissions for Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Dodge Chrysler, Toyota and most others.  Automotive professionals and home mechanics can benefit from low-cost crate engines, transmissions, or upgraded performance engines.  When restoring any vehicle, don't waste money on typical rebuilt engines; invest in your cars future by buying a remanufactured engine guaranteed to last for many more years than typical rebuilt motors.

Most of our competitors don't offer a full line of remanufactured engines or they outsource rebuilt motors from others.  We've dedicated the time, expertise, and money to develop each new remanufactured engine in-house.  When any vehicle in your fleet is down, you are losing money when unable to get the replacement engine needed. Our commitment to product development and maintaining inventory ensures you will be able to get the remanufactured engine you need when you need it.

Advancements in Remanufactured Engines

Besides having more SKU's actually IN STOCK, we are committed to continually producing better products -- giving you more durability and longer life with a better performance engine. Today's car engines are more complex than ever and the "old" ways of rebuilding an engine simply cannot compare, and will not produce an engine economically.  Our light truck engines, car engines, transmissions and crate engines are built to perfection with all or most the internal engine parts being new and surpassing original specs. 

As a world-class engine remanufacturer, Marshall continuously invests in new technology and equipment in order to improve on the original design. From automated computerized honing of cylinder heads, to $50,000 crankshaft polishers, we continue to make the investments required to remanufacture engines that meet today's standards.

Don't buy a high technology engine rebuilt with yesterday's equipment and techniques...  take advantage of a fully engineered and remanufactured engine or crate engine from Marshall Engines!